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Lady Switches From ‘Electronic To Acoustic Masturbation’

Woman Switches From 'Electronic To Acoustic Masturbation'

Global – A woman, whose identity we’ll reveal shortly, disclosed that her moment of self-pleasure – masturbation – was interrupted by a tired vibrator.

She said that following her vibrator’s decision to not participate in her masturbatory pleasures, she decided to go ‘cavewoman’ style – using her hand.

The narrator shared her frustrations with the global, interconnected world of social media – Twitter.

She explained that her desire to climax was discouraged after the thought of going about it acoustically did not seem appealing.

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“I’m so mad I don’t even want a nut anymore goodnight,” she shared.

Helpful social media users in the comments sections suggested some things she could try during masturbation.

Here are some of the comments:

Other supportive comments:

Scouring through the user’s older tweets, Corporate Tumble found that the user was one given to, as Nigerians would call it, frequent ‘self-servicing’.

Here is another tweet where she talks about her vibrator, this time, sharing a presumed look-alike of her “clit” tired of the frequent artificial thrusts:



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