LAGOS – In reaction to speculations as to why Nigerian politicians are invested in the outcome of the much-anticipated 2023 elections, a political analyst gives insights into some of the reasons why.

The analyst said that one of the reasons politicians in the country are dedicated to the 2023 election season is the lack of any other major preoccupation on the part of the politicians.

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“There’s nothing else for them to do, so why not continue to pursue the tradition of running for office and doing absolutely nothing while in office?” the analyst analyzed.

It was also disclosed that the government had conducted a poll secretly and found that in the face of these troubling times, election seasons always distract Nigerians from other important subjects like security and welfare.

“If you look closely, there’s always a bickering, a back and forth between political parties on whose face is the prettiest on the banner or whose party commissioned the strongest wooden bridge,” the analyst supplied.

The analyst, who was privy to this study, said that it was concluded that Nigerians were happier and paradoxically infuriated when discussing political matters.

“Politics in this country is a reality TV show, only if our politicians would find a way to monetize their drama, I mean, look at the Kardashians.”

He added that the issue of governance is usually a non-factor within the Nigerian political circle.

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He revealed that the disruption championed by the ‘soro soke’ generation was in opposition to the goal of keeping the real political matters out of the mouths of Nigerians.

“That #EndSARS protest was just too much. They almost shit their underwear when the youths wouldn’t stop. Do you know how many people’s dreams are tied to incompetent governance and bloated salaries?” quizzed the analyzer.

According to other sources that reached out to us, another major reason for the devotion to the 2023 elections is stomach infrastructural issues and the continuance of the big boy cruise.



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