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Why Nigerians Shouldn’t Go To Canada

Why Nigerians Shouldn't Go To Canada

Nigeria – If you check social media, who are we kidding, social media these days is just Twitter; so, if you check Twitter, two trending topics are based on leaving this country, and a majority of Nigerian escapees are moving to Canada that is why we have come to tell you why you as a Nigerian shouldn’t leave this country to Canada.

You hear the usual complaints of how Nigeria is a hellhole and that no good comes from being associated with this country but let us tell you something, they are right.

Nigerians have come a long way from the days of $1-N1 and now, grown to the giant that we are to $1-N480, causing mental instability in the country among citizens that has inspired their decision to leave.

Yet, there is a problem with that idea that many Nigerians are aware of but we at Corporate Tumble decided to reiterate and that is the things you will find when you go abroad.

In the abroad, in this case, Canada, things are far different from what you see here in your beloved(?) nation.

And those differences are what we will be highlighting to help you, probably, reconsider your decision.

Here are the reasons why Nigerians shouldn’t go to Canada.


Those people in Canada are so organized that it would shock you to the core as a Nigerian.

You know yourselves; common ‘please stay on a straight line’ is a problem for you people, but even with your flaws, your fatherland accepts you wholeheartedly. Are you sure you want to go to a place with so much organization? Think twice oh.

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LGBTQ Everywhere

Nigerians are the first to “cover their nyansh with the blood of Jesus”. They have called on that blood so much that donations have stopped coming into this country.

Point is, there are lots of LGBTQ in that Canada that you are going to.

You’ll see two men or women kissing on the street, you do not want to be subjected to the sight of consensual kisses that do not conform with the values you hold dear.


Much of Canada is so clean that Nigeria will be calling. You know what our streets look like, you also know how you eat a Gala sausage roll and just dump the wrapper on the floor for the government to pick it up.

They don’t do that in Canada. Nigeria is so accepting that you do not need to face any legal body because you are freeing yourself of dirt.

How can a country be so clean?


Small rain will fall and you will see Nigerians wearing sweaters, cardigans, and other protective outfits.

With this spirit, Canada is not for you. Do you know how cold that country is? Temperatures in Canada can fall to as low as -8 degrees Celsius. You fit handle am?

It isn’t harmattan. It isn’t the 7 days of rain kind of situation, this one is colder than your freezer.


You know how you wake up to the sound of a preacher on the street in Nigeria, and then another one (or two), on the bus, at the bus stop, and on the bridge? Canada no get am.

Nigeria is such a godly land that moving to Canada can make you lose faith in God.

There are so many things that you as a Nigerian would see in that country that would shock you. Decide now if you want to go to that country that supports almost everything you stand against.

You know, staying close to your roots and culture will help you. Corporate Tumble has done its part.


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