Who We Are

We are a small team of creatives aiming to be ordinarily extraordinary while improving lives by giving people reasons to smile.


Why ‘Corporate Tumble’?

We are bored with corporate culture, even though we are still marinating in the corporate BS – One leg in, the other dangling in and out – and hope to retire on our own terms, but for now, we want to do what we love while saying “Yes sah” to our ogas at the top.

Our news stories are purely for entertainment and educative purposes and are sometimes spoofs of actual events or totally made up. Corporate Tumble is the leading BULLSHIT aggregator and curator from within our dear ragged shores and beyond.

Corporate Tumble does not only focus on issues relating to the corporate world – how boring – we talk about issues that interest both us and our audience – Nigeria.


We would love to show the beautiful faces of the team members but fear no go allow.

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