The year 2020 has been a ride. From our end, it has almost been utterly pleasant, seeing as our bosses asked us to work from home for the most part of it.

Despite the pandemic, there have been lessons learned this year to enable us to take into the next year and apply to our everyday living.

We’ll be sharing with you some of the things we at Corporate Tumble have experienced this year. You can always share yours with us in the comments section.

Plans Don’t Always Work Out

2020 plans

Many people, pre-2020, had planned to paint the town red, even when they had little red paint on them. But 2020 showed them that man can plan but pandemics decide if that plan will happen or not.

You: So I have this great plan

2020: I have something else in mind for you.

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Sex is a Menace

New York COVID-19 sex guide

One would think that even during this pandemic and people dying left, right, and center sex would be the last thing on people’s minds. Humans continue to show that the thing between their legs supersedes logic. Even the state of New York had to release a statement to this effect.

People Love To Get Diseases

man holds a face mask and a hand sanitizer

Wear a face mask. No. Use a hand sanitizer. No. Social distance – have you gone to Mushin or any market in Nigeria?

Pandemics Can’t Stop Owambes

Nigerian women partying hard

Come on! Go down low!

Nigerians love to party, if you do not know this, then you know nothing. Even when COVID-19 made its debut appearance and was blowing hot, seems to be blowing hotter now, Nigerians were still shutting down streets and fighting over which family side would take the remaining meat pieces and beer bottles.

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Immigration Reigns

A stowaway

Where you go I go

If you were active on social media, especially when other countries were giving their citizens and residents COVID-19 packages and stimulus checks, our own was in the hands of God. Even a Nigerian whose trip back home was canceled due to the pandemic received a cheque. God punish devil. I can be Nigerian from another country.

Politicians in Nigeria will Continue to Politicise

A Nigerian politician

The country is short of toilet paper? na PDP cause am, when the past administration did not put provisions in place to ensure that toilet papers are equitably distributed.

Politicians Can be Good Actors

NDDC Acting MD Pondei slumps

It is our belief that if given the chance, our politicians would have successful careers as actors. Have you seent the amount of fainting and slumping when people are accused of embezzlement? No be here.



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