As US President Donald Trump contends the November 3 election where he was defeated, he contemplates his next course of action, thinking of starting an OnlyFans.

According to sources, Trump’s unwillingness to leave the White House is borne out of fear of what to do next with himself.

The embattled leader has contemplated various lines of businesses but jettisons each one for reasons ranging from past failures to ungracefulness.

Sources close to Trump say that he has engaged many OnlyFans creators to find out how the business is conducted to enable him to have a successful shot.

“I have started and failed many businesses, and politics that I thought would be a no-brainer has also not worked out, please help”, Trump was quoted to have said to an OnlyFans creator.

In another statement to a confidant, the president stated that Americans and the world hated him. He said that he had so much for everyone especially African Americans and the gays of the country but was not receiving the support he needed at this time.

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Another source also disclosed that Melania was considering a happier marriage, searching for a richer, younger man, as ‘cougar’ was not a title she was ashamed of bearing.

Other family members that have supported Trump throughout his dalliance into politics will seek new countries of residency, as friends have switched to Biden’s team, looking on with scorn, sources reveal.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and video-sharing platform YouTube have banned Trump from airing his views and “creating incendiaries that could ostracize America”, an insider stated.


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