The year 2020 came with some powerful events like the pandemic, politicians slumping for some deeply mysterious reasons, millennials soro soke-ing, among others.

As we say goodbye to the year that has left us with so many emotions and regrets and face coverings, we will be highlighting some prayers of the Nigerian millennials.

We say Nigerian millennials because really we own these prayers.

These prayers are short and to-the-point. They make access to heaven faster because they are without sentence complications.

You may or may not have used them, but here are the few that we have gathered.

God When?

Used you feel your life could do better than what is currently experienced, especially when your mates are already on that level you want to be. It is also the ojukokoro type of prayer. Noteworthy info: It was introduced by a scarf-wearing artist.

Oluwa Wetin Dey Occur?

This one almost comes off as desperate. Prayers sent off to the heavens that have been left unanswered are usually followed up by this question. The photo above shows that there are variations of this question.

Jesus I See What You’re Doing For Others

When bros J does not give you that thing you want, but you see that others are enjoying quicker access, you state this prayer. It is a flat statement that has a passive aggression tone.

Oluwa Answer My Call

When the desperation has hit the ceiling and your problems are almost making you commit, you send this petition. This prayer was popularised by singer Adekunle Gold, in his desperate attempt at acquiring luxury to flex his people.

If I no buy Benz, Wetin I Gain?

This one is borne from an excessively ojukokoro behavior. Introduced by a Nigerian artist that was tired of his humble life, leading the ensemble of other luxury-seeking Nigerian millennials.


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