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Things You’ll Need To Drive On Lagos Roads

Things You Need To Drive In Lagos

Lagos – There’s no driving school in the world that can prepare you for Lagos roads, and we’re not only talking about the potholes, we’re referring to the people that will be sharing the road with you.

For those of us that live in Lagos, this is no secret.

There’s a popular saying, “living in Lagos is an extreme sport”; and that is damn right!

The city has a way of forcing the madness out of you, and if you have a vehicle that you want to cruise around the city in, you would need to be prepared beforehand.

Do not think that you really know the city until you have interacted with the roads.

Sometimes, you don’t even need to be a driver to feel the anger that those seating in the driver seat feel.

All you need to do is just be on that road. The madness is electrifying.

It’s like a gold rush in the city, one wonders what all the hurrying is about.

Here are some things that you need to know if you want to drive in the city called Lagos.

Top-Tier Madness

This is one thing you need to have to navigate the roads in the city. If you are gentle, I advise that you stand in front of a mirror and start practicing. The best way to learn is to enter a commercial vehicle and emulate the experienced drivers.

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Boundless Well Of Insults

Accompanying that madness that you would need to master is an armory of insults.

You need to know how to insult beyond “you’re an idiot!” They won’t take you seriously.

Try this, “iya la iya e”, for many, this is offensive, usually in civil situations, but on the road, everyone loses civility.

Neck Rest

The traffic in the city can last for so long Antarctica would lose a portion of its ice.

That is enough to tell you that a good neck rest would be helpful. At least, if you are to fall asleep, you’ll know that your neck is protected.

Sufficient Cash

Still on the issue of traffic in the state. True Lagosians know that it is possible for you to buy all you need to buy the ingredients of a complete meal in Lagos traffic.

For those long hours you’ll spend in traffic, hold enough money so you can afford a four-course meal.

Change of Clothes

No joke, some areas in this city would have you turning back to your original destination because of the insane traffic.

So that you do not come out unprepared, it is best that you hold a change of clothes, and maybe a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Anyone we fail to note? Share in the comments section.


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