A recent study from a somewhat-reputable research organization has revealed that it is possible for one to actually have an opinion and keep it to themselves.

One of the officials from the organization simply identified as Source says that humans have an in-built opinion generating machine that also comes with a fitted storage capacity for where those opinions can be stored, especially in situations where they do not need to be shared.

Source explained, “I think if we (humans) can understand the power within us to keep most of our opinions to ourselves, we will go very far and achieve greater feats, we might just surprise ourselves.”

Source disclosed that a number of participants selected from over 30 countries from across the world, including Africa, but excluding Nigerians – supplying a reason for the exemption – participated in a survey to examine the possibility of humans keeping their ‘goddamned’ opinions to themselves and the embarrassment of being told to ‘stick your opinion where the sun doesn’t shine’.

Speaking on why Nigerians – Africa’s most populous nation – were exempt from the survey, Source revealed that they were ‘resource-draining’.

Source said, “They do not appear as the people would excel at the survey, so we decided to use more malleable and less capital-draining nationals”.

Although it is not beyond the reach of Nigerians to possess this quality, if only they “applied themselves”, Source added.

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