A seminarian has fallen into trouble with the heads of his seminarian school over his new-found sensation: the #silhouettechallenge.

A tub of Vaseline meant to be used by occupants of the room of Brother John has been found to have finished in a matter of hours.

Curious to fish out the diminisher of the communal petroleum jelly product, a roommate discovered that his fellow brethren had been oiling up his little fellow while intensely staring at his phone that blinked into a warm red hue.

Out of obligation, the curious brother reported the matter to the seminary school’s authority, and upon further investigation, it had been discovered that a trending hashtag on social media: #silhouettechallenge had sucked brother John, the Vaseline utiliser into the vortex of sin.

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Without recourse to the law books of the seminary school – located somewhere in the deep trenches of the city of Lagos – brother John’s journey to theological climax was cut short.

Rumors have it that the tub of Vaseline had been replaced but had dwindled, and a fresh investigation into the matter had commenced.


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