Fondly known as the “Shock Absorber”, and sometimes ‘Bad Boy’; President Muhammadu Buhari is reportedly still trying to absorb all the shock from the influx of disheartening news gracing his aural senses.

From the enduring stories of banditry, kidnapping, and herdsmen who constantly try to make everywhere their home with an outrageous amount of vehemence to the rising cost of pampering the members of the NASS who complain about low funding to take care of side babes and flex on poor citizens.

Poverty levels are refusing to drop. Nigerians buying too many things at once causing inflation levels to rise astronomically. Police officers unable to tell criminals and responsible citizens apart.

So many stories have left the absorber kaput leading to it, according to this very verifiable source, needing some time for repairs; which, according to this source again, would cost taxpayers a few trips – clandestinely – and some recuperating balling.

At this time, the nation would need to hold prayers, personal and, hopefully, effective ones. Do your part as a responsible citizen and get on your knees.

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