Nollywood is an ever-changing industry, but with this change comes some serious deficit that should be worked on ASAP.

Nigerians who watch Nollywood movies will definitely admit to the fact that some tins dey wey no supposed be.

Some of those things are what this post will be highlighting. You are welcomed to drop yours off in the comments section.

Clapping For Kissing Characters

A photo of actor Odunlade


Who that one consain? If you want to kiss then kiss and leave make pesin see road. Well, these days, they add the “aww”.

A Dying Person That Doesn’t Cough

A scene from a Nollywood movie

Very phenomenal. This subject remains a topic of research among well…researchers. The character must cough and also confess something before dying.

An Atheist

A Nollywood actor

They just don’t have the space for disbelieving in Nollywood movies. No one has the time to be writing scripts that will confuse Nigerians and their faiths.

Thoroughly Researched Subjects

Meme of Nollywood actress Ini Edo

Have you seen where people with bipolar disorders are made to look like crazy people? E shock me sef. If you watch Nollywood movies for an understanding of deep subjects – social or mental or any at all – you will leave with questions. Questions that will boggle your mind.

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Destruction of Any Vehicle After 2005

Caricature car

Any vehicle beyond that year is probably priced at the same amount the movie producers have budgeted. You cannot be wasting money anyhow.

A Proper Mami Wata

Mami Wata in a Nolywood movie

It’s not as if it’s by force, but if you want to show us flicks involving mermaids, at least do it right.


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