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Nigeria’s NBC Gets New Name

Nigeria's NBC Gets New Name

Nigeria – The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has been christened by a dutiful Nigerian who gave the commission the new name of ‘Nothing But Cruise’.

This new name follows the commission’s ban of the song ‘Thunder Fire You’ by singer Ric Hassani.

In the song, the artist bears the contents of his crushed soul in words that, in a polite setting, wouldn’t be easily swallowed, but damning civility Hassani belted out his curses: Thunder fire you for all the lies you told me, he sang.

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The contents of the song drew the attention of the NBC to ban the song, as the commission, according to a sincerely-anonymous source, determined that the tone of the curses laid out in the song was “severe” for any listener.

It stated that the thunder that moved across the country was enough curses and that the country could do with more upbeat, positive lines that would better serve the mental health of Nigerians home and abroad.

The NBC, according to the sincerely-anonymous source, did not want to subject Nigerians to such “abusive sounds”.

The source also disclosed that “there’s really not much to do at the office these days, so, why not do a ballot on whose creative work to ban, even though it is harmless?”


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