See, as much as we can scream, “Nigerians are the smartest people to ever live”, we all know that they can be as dumb as a doorknob. This one is peculiar to us.

There are situations where you’ll be baffled by their total irresponsibleness.

You’ll just be taken aback and wonder what breed of human species these people are; that is why we shame ourselves home and away. Thank God for small feats by our responsible and level-headed compatriots flying our flag at half-mast, at least, God no go shame us.

Here are some of the instances when Nigerians will just shame you:

1. When there is a giveaway 

Let’s not even talk too much. Even old men would lose the perceived wisdom that comes with their gray hair. People lose their birthrights here. Integrity will just be standing at the door and be shaking head.

2. When They Are called to use logic

this one is too much thinking

Hmm, this one; if you go on social media, wonder will wonder about them for you.

3. You insult their men of God

beware of the blasphemer

This one kind of falls under the preceding point but, let us just make it a separate point for emphasis. I mean, did you guys follow that Fatoyinbo-Busola story? Or did you follow the Adeboye one? The one he talked about women and their role in the house? madness became a default wallpaper on social media.

4. Money is involved 

yeah, I accept the compliment

Shall we expatiate or do we just called that an easy-to-understand point? Yes, we shall.

5. You ask for orderliness

You know the same people that will tell children to “stand on a straight line!” they are the ones that will lose composure at the bank, in traffic, at the market, and every line or queue they are expected to respect.

6. Just general common sense matter with a sprinkle of religion

esqueeze me?

I’ll explain using a convo:

*On a queue at the ATM stand*

Man: Please are you the last on the line?

God-fearing woman: God forbid, I’ll never be the last in Jesus’ name. But yes, I am the last on the line.

This is a true life experience. 

Nigerians can be foolish. But, no go think am oh, we get sense die.

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