Nigerians have, for years, complained about the huge salaries and benefits of members of the National Assembly, but there is something that they are not aware of.

A source close to the National Assembly revealed to Corporate Tumble that the lawmakers in both the red and green chambers need the money as a motivation to do their jobs.

Wonder, for a minute, how else will the country continue to maintain its position at the almost-bottom position of every index of growth globally.

We are tagged the country hosting and incubating the largest number of poor people in the world; what a record. If only you had an idea what work it takes to make such a feat possible.

These salaries go into ensuring that these men and women become effective at delivering their gold-digging services.

source: BBC

Yes, gold-digging because this country is filled with gold that is refined for the future benefit of the citizenry, you’ll enjoy the benefits, some time in the future, of being called a Nigerian.

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The source said to CT:

“Nigerians do not just understand the painstaking efforts these good men and women undertake to ensure that the country stays the way it is. They just need to be patient.”

Note: This news piece does not seek to deconstruct the nation’s national security apparatus but to enlighten the general public on matters concerning their lawmakers.

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