Nationals of both countries are always butting heads about skin colors but forget that they are more than that. Have you heard the Nigerian pidgin and the Ghanaian pidgin?

The difference is loud.

Bias is making us tilt to the Nigerian pidgin. Ease of construction. Less processing time. Less grammatical complications.

Both countries like to compare things, even the dick sizes of men from both countries. Well, we will be looking at the Nigerian Pidgin English Vs Ghanaian Pidgin English.

Let us see the similarities in the differences.

Nigerian Pidgin: The laptop dey on top bed.

Ghanaian Pidgin: The laptop dey the bed top.

Nigerian Pidgin: Wetin you tink say you dey do?

Ghanaian Pidgin: Wetin you figa say you dey do?

Nigerian Pidgin: I wan go visit but e be like say dem bros no dey house.

Ghanaian Pidgin: Na adey wan go visit but check like no bro dey the house.

Nigerian Pidgin: Your tins detty.

Ghanaian Pidgin: Your nibbies make detty.

Nigerian Pidgin: Una no get sense.

Ghanaian Pidgin: You mennerz fool ruff.

Nigerian Pidgin: We for flenjor this evening.

Ghanaian Pidgin: We for crush this gbek3 (yes, this is a word, but in Ga, one of the major languages spoken in the south-eastern part of Ghana).

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