A Nigerian man has taken his frustrations to court over his inability to properly hear the fight between his neighbors on a certain evening.

According to the man, he said that the woman’s voice was usually louder when she screamed profanities at her kids but chose to speak in low tones when arguing with her husband.

He said that his lonely state has driven him to rely on the woman and her family for fun and entertainment.

When I am bored, I press my ear to the wall that demarcates our apartments and listen in.

When asked when he listened in when the neighbors had their bedroom moments, he said, “maybe, it depends”.

The court has adjourned the case until substantial evidence against the defendant is provided, as judgment cannot be delivered based on the man’s story.

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In the meantime, the judge had advised the man to seek other ways to create fun for himself and stay out of people’s businesses.

A habit of creature finds it hard to change his ways, my Lord, responded the sullen plaintiff.

The court was packed to the brim, as attendees in the court case all admitted to having nothing on their hands to do, decrying to the state of unemployment in the country.

I would love to do something with my life, but the country has decided that I check in with every court case available, and that is what I plan on doing for as long as the country keeps me unemployed, said one of the audience members.

Corporate Tumble will follow up with the case as it unfolds, as the man has reportedly returned to his home, this time, strutting past the door of his neighbor more times than necessary.


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