The Nigerian Government has explained its reasons for refusing to change the existing status quo.

It said, in a statement released by an official who has been excommunicated from the government, that only cowards think of the need to change.

The government said that the changes that Nigerians clamour for will definitely not be experienced during the tenure of the current administration.

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It also stated that any government that chooses to change the way things were in the country was merely deceiving itself, as the benefits derived from the status quo is immense.

“All those people relocating to the abroad are cowards, we have a functioning government that serves only those that it should serve – those in power, so, you either get some form of power or become a coward and run,” said the excommunicated official.

There are rumours that some millennials, with the support of some members of the social media generation (Gen SM) and a handful of exasperated baby boomers, are planning to stage a peaceful change movement.

“It will not work. This government is rooted in its firm belief of “na turn by turn”, the excommunicated official explained.

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Incumbent Government and Change

The incumbent government, according to the official, is doing all it can to be loudly insufferable, and it comes at a price – national dissent.

“What’s a government without dissenting voices? All that is needed is to shut those voices down, either by beg or by whip”, the excommunicated official supplied.

Nigerians continue to wonder what form of change was described in 2015, drawing a parallel to what is obtainable today and 5 years prior.

Change has changed face, and Nigerians have begun to become apprehensive of their nationality, many have decided that the best place to be is anywhere but their beloved nation.

Speaking with a Nigerian, who claimed to be speaking for the general public, “My spirit don leave this country tay tay, na my body remain to follow.”

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