Nigeria has a rich history, most are ignored, and a woman has reached out to Corporate Tumble to share a part of that history.

Someone close to the British Royal Family has suggested that Nigeria’s founding fathers may have bribed the country’s colonial masters to gain freedom.

Our source, 90, said that as a little girl, she was allegedly in the same room as the leaders of this will-be-great country.

It was disclosed that, from what could be remembered, there had been other meetings prior to that one that sealed the faith of the nation.

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In our source’s revelation, the deal was done in a haste, as the founding fathers…

Those dots represent the last three heaves our source gave before she nodded off to eternal rest, leaving us with an unfinished story.

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We have reached out to relevant government agencies to determine the veracity of the clipped tale, and Corporate Tumble was simply told that it was “fake news”.

And as we all are aware, Nigeria is battling with the plague that is “fake news”.


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Note: News stories on this platform only serve to provide humor and should not be taken as seriously as the serious news publications out there. It is fake news.

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