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MC Oluomo’s Book To Serve As Inspiration To Agberos

MC Oluomo's Book To Serve As Inspiration To Agberos

News has it that the boss of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), MC Oluomo, will be launching a book.

The book, according to reports is titled, ‘My Service to Humanity’, and will be dedicated to the motivation of agberos.

Sources close to the author said that the book could become a handbook for members of the NURTW communities across the country.

“Before they go out to the nearby paraga shop, they will be required to study the book. It’s like a daily motivational,” said the source.

When asked how many of the NURTW staff deployed to the road could read with comprehension, the source disclosed that the to-be-published book is in the language understood by the abbero inner circle.

“Not everyone can read and understand the book. Even you, with your oyibo, will not understand it,” the source added.

Oluomo, in his book, hopes to inspire the current crop of agberos to desire more success, albeit limited to a set of people.

MC Oluomo's Book To Serve as inspiration to Agberos

The book is set to include details of his innovation in the transport business, especially in Lagos.

Detailed addresses of paraga kiosks across cities will be outlined for easy access by staff members post-book reading.

Other aspects of the book that are expected to appear are money-collecting ethics for agberos.

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Proper language use, interaction with bus drivers and conductors, are other things covered in the book.

Social media users have expressed their anticipation of the book.

MC Oluomo – A Brief History

From nobody to somebody inside the streets of Lagos.

The journey to his very fundamental position in the Nigerian system is one that cannot be overlooked.

The union’s dedication to a functional transportation system can be seen in the enthusiastic manner in which the staff demand money – all for the betterment of the city.

His service to humanity is certainly something that continues to ripple through the bellies of top NURTW staff.

He pioneered the authoring of books by men in green, white, green, and greasy palms.


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