The devil used him to get through to me, says a distraught Man U fan.
A Nigerian man – and diehard Man U fan – has allegedly set the police on his neighbor after losing his hard-earned N10000 to the match between Arsenal and Wolves on Sunday.
In quite a clownish manner, the aggrieved man, who claims to be a fan of Manchester United, woke the neighborhood early Tuesday morning as he arrived with a battalion of policemen to pick his victim, who reports indicate is a fan of Arsenal FC.
According to an onlooker, who spoke to Corporate Tumble on conditions of anonymity, the victim and his neighbor had been watching the English Premier League match between Arsenal and Wolves at a viewing centre on Sunday evening when a blustery wind blew and his neighbor turned to strangely stare at him.
As the victim would later recollect, that was the exact moment the devil ‘entered’ his neighbor. Next, his neighbor, who had been quiet all along, beat his chest vibrantly and ‘commanded’ him to place a N10000 wager that Arsenal would emerge victoriously.
When Corporate Tumble‘s reporter approached the victim to get his own side of the story, amidst tears, he lamented how the money was his entire savings for the month of November.
He also maintained that he was not a gambler but the lure of a potential N140,000 winning and the convincing words of his neighbor who was a ‘strong’ man of God has dispelled his fears.
He also vowed to make sure his neighbor spent the entirety of his life in prison unless he provides the N140,000 he was supposed to win.
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