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Malawian Warned Against Starting Twitter War With Nigerians

Malawian Warned Against Starting Twitter War With Nigerians

Inter-National – A Malawian has sought the trouble of Nigerians who are battling with their existential sociopolitical crisis, asking for a Twitter war with Nigerians.

Malawi has a population of 18.63 million, according to Google, from a 2019 count.

While, Nigeria, on the other hand, has a population that can consume Malawi and the surrounding countries, yet yanga wan wake trouble, as Nigerians say.

The Twitter user was advised by other well-meaning denizens of the platform, dissuading the user from starting a fire that would consume his people.

Nationals of countries who have been on the receiving end of the Twitter war violence against Nigerians also had some things to say to the user.

Some tweets urging the Random Dude to stay away from the internet borders of Nigeria are below:

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