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Lies We Tell When We Are Caught Sleeping

Lies We Tell When We Are Caught Sleeping

Sometimes when we are caught at that moment of sleep, when we are tired of all the activities of this world, we lie that we are participating in activities that do not reflect the truth.

Big English, yes, but at least you understand the point.

Sometimes, when people catch us napping, we start to tell unnecessary lies.

These lies are what we will be discussing in this piece of lies people tell when they are caught sleeping.

This world is hard enough for us to go through, and that sleep might just be the thing that keeps us sane; the thing that keeps us from running extra mad.

Here are some lies that people tell when they are caught lala-ing

I Am Meditating

Well done, Buddha. Meditating on what? On what your life could have been or what it should be looking like? Do you even need to lie? Except you’re sleeping at work, then the lie is necessary. You cannot come and kill yourself on top of another person’s hustle.

I Was Praying

Prayer warrior. Wehdone. Just admit the fact that that sleep was needed. If it’s your boss, we’ll understand, but if it isn’t why do you need to tell that unnecessary lie?

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I Was Thinking

Of what? Life would look like if we lived it with our eyes closed? Try again. But it makes sense sha. Just nap that nap and don’t be telling unnecessary excuses.

I Was Not Sleeping

The “unstressed” lie, just plain denial. Even though we see that spit dribbling down your cheeks.

I Just Closed My Eyes

From dust? That lie will not enter. You’ve closed your eyes for five minutes, with your mouth open, as an invitation for some…let’s stop here.


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