This list of Islamic songs of 2020 should not only interest Muslims but people of other beliefs and absolute non-believers.

These songs may or may not have entered any chart whatsoever, but when you listen to them, you just know that there exists something within you that causes you to want to wave your hands and tap your feet.

They are glorious.

They are spiritual.

These Islamic songs cut across continents. They may or may not have been sampled by Corporate Tumble.

You may listen to them of your own volition.

Here’s a top 10 countdown of the songs from 2020, inspired by lockdowns and economic recessions.

10. حيث الأشياء الجيدة

This song just has something about it. So, a verse goes, الله أكبر ، لكن دعونا أيضًا نتذكر إنسانيتنا ونعيش كبشر يكرمون كلمة الله ، ويحترمون الأفراد حتى أولئك الذين نختلف معهم في آرائهم.

9. اين هو المال

This one has an instructive line that says, العمل بجد من أجل ذلك very inspiring if you ask me.

8. أنا أحرم الفقر

So, this is for those who are economically challenged, in the fifth verse, it is a 10-minute long song, it says this:
إن منعها لن يساعد حتى تخرج وتقوم بالعمل اللعين

7. ماء في زجاجة

Okay, listening to this song gave us the feels right. Of all the listed songs in Islam, this one just has some rush, feels like you are seated by a flowing river.

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6. نيجيريا ليست بيتي

For those looking to leave Nigeria, there is some inspiration here. The artist is reportedly a Nigerian escapee. You’ll definitely relate.

5. حبي في القمة

Just when you think love songs couldn’t get any better, just read this line: حبيبي ، أنت الشخص الذي أحبه ، أنت الشخص الذي أحتاجه ، أنت الوحيد الذي أراه

4. الآراء

All we’ll say is: سيتحدث الناس ولكن وظيفتك هي الاهتمام بعملك والتأكد من أنك تعيش حياة ممتعة.

3. الرياضة ستكون موت المثليين

This was just a hit-the-nail-on-the-head song. Accurate. Cannot be misconstrued, although stereotypical.

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2. لا أستطيع الاحتفاظ بيدي لنفسي

This song may sound suggestive, that is because it is. If you are on a fast you might want to steer clear.

1. تخلص من

This song shattered records, you definitely would listen to it more than once. There are a few gems in there that could also change your life. No jokes.

Those are the top 10 songs we’ve managed to curate for you. You did not understand? Here’s a tip, Google Translate is still free.

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