1. Netflix Teleparty

Make friends with someone or a group of people that have Netflix and can afford to pay. All you need to do is be the freeloader. Just make them see that you’re valuable enough for them to let you join, maybe you could put the list of people to join in the “party”.

2. Sugar daddy/mummy

They are becoming hard to find what with all the recession brought about by the pandemic, but someone needs to pay for that WIFI and subscription, right?

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3. Write Netflix

They just might consider you, you know how nice these foreign companies can be. Your story could be one used in their CSR report.

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4. Hack it

If you don’t know how to, use what free time you have on your hands to learn how to. It’s not easy to want something free because there is still going to be a price on it.

5. Visit Someone with a subscription

This one is the easiest. This is Christmas, this is a season of love. Carry a plate of rice and go and give that neighbor that you know watches Netflix without self-control. Use that plate of rice to watch a week’s worth of movies.



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