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How To Befriend Rich People

How To Befriend Rich People

Money Avenue – This article is your one-stop guide on ways to effectively befriend rich people. You know they say the rich ones try to keep the money flowing in the bloodline, or something like that. For you to break into that circle, you would need to be armed with some information to aid your entry into that “bloodline”. 

You often hear people say, “If I just get one rich friend”; we will be telling how to “get” that rich friend in this article. You should know that it will not be easy, but it is doable. The money has to go round, and you need to take your share, too.

How do you do that?

How do you get to be friends with rich people like DJ Cuppy and the likes? The points below are tried and true. And if it doesn’t work for you, then your village people are surely following you.

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Be smart

They like people that look and act smart, you don’t even need to be, just act fascinating. Encourage conversation without talking too much, rich people with real money don’t talk too much.

Like rich things

Obviously, you can’t afford them, but it is only when you like rich things that rich people come close to you. You attract what you like.

Spend time in rich areas

This goes without saying. Where else would you find rich people? Observe them, see how they act then emulate them. Parks that the grasses are still green, cafés, etc.

Be yourself

This means you should just portray the poor person that you are, not humiliatingly, of course, just enough to let the rich people know that you’re poor for some of their wealth to touch you a little. They like charities, some of them, why not you?

Never talk money

We know the aim is to get the money, but don’t talk about money. Talk as if you sef you have that money. The hint that you aren’t suffering alone is enough to entrap them. Receive sense.

Trust us, if you follow the steps above, you will be swimming in the circles of rich people, in fact, your name might just be changed to “Fowowe” (ask your Yoruba friends to translate).

Who needs school when you could just get rich people around you, right?



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