Have you ever wondered the skills you would need to gain respect in Nigeria? Have you come across individuals who have, in one way or the other, made you feel not eligible for respect?

Corporate Tumble to the rescue. In this article, we will be noting ways you can be respected in this country without stress.

What’s more? We have also supplied you with warnings that will save you from some errors as you follow the listed steps.

Be Married

Married Nigerian

This is one of the fastest ways to be respected in this off green-white-green nation. It doesn’t even matter if th marriage is an abusive one.

Sad but true.

Once you are perceived, just the perception alone, to be married, boom, you are accorded the respect that you probably do not even deserve. Add on top of that the fact that you have spawned one or two children – respect level doubles.

Warning: marriage earns you respect, yes, but that respect is negotiated once people start to recognize that you can be an individual outside that union.

Have Money

How To Be Respected In Nigeria

Honestly, nothing calls for respect faster than ego in the hand. Even old men lose self-respect in the face of a person who is well to do. You will hear a 50-something-year-old call a 25-year-old his older brother just because he handed him 5h for pure water.

Warning: Make sure that you keep blessing that person with cash, if not, you’ll be dragged like a disgraced sex worker.

Be a Man of God

How To Be Respected In Nigeria

As long as God is attached to your identity, you might as well have heaven as your house address. Your respect level automatically shoots through the roof. Ever seen a man of God whose name is reproached? Come on, Fatoyinbo, anyone?

Warning: Make sure you have enough people who believe in you and your ministry enough to have your back for that time when a group of people try to bring shame on you after you refuse to listen to the words of the Holy Spirit.

Be a Politician

How To Be Respected In Nigeria

Be it a councillor or a local government chairman, the respect is yours. The best part of it is that you don’t even have to try to impress your constituents by doing the job you were elected for. Tuale baba! will be yours until you decide to leave office.

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Warning: Wet the ground enough for that respect to be consolidated. Have enough *clears throat* T — H — U — G — S around you so that people that disrespect you can be reminded of their place.

Be Old

How To Be Respected In Nigeria

No one cares if you don’t have respect for yourself; one thing is for sure, you don’t need to respect anyone else.

‘I came to this world before you’ or ‘What I see while lying down, you won’t see even if you sit on the clouds’; these are words you will need in your aged armory against people who forget the appropriate thing to do.

Warning: Many young Nigerians are starting to not care if you are as old as human civilization, you might want to be careful how you use your superpower.

The respect booster is achieved when you are all that have been listed above: old, married, rich, a politician, and a man of God. Hopefully these points would have shown you ways to gain respect in Nigeria. Put them to good use.


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