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How Nigerians Ask ‘Are You Okay?’

How Nigerians Ask 'Are You Okay?'

Nigeria – As part of our goal to make you more Nigerian, or expose you to the Nigerian way of life – premium suffering – we will be supplying you with ways to ask, “Are you okay?” in this week’s edition of #howto.

You see, in some other saner places, when someone asks, “are you okay?” the recipient of the question knows what is meant, knowing that it is from a place of concern.

They interpret it as, “how are you feeling?”

But in this country called Nigeria, that question can be very insulting to the person asked.

They see it as you wondering about their mental health – something that is a taboo topic.

When you talk about mental health in Nigeria, many people imagine this…(image of a mentally ill person here).

Well, without too much chatter, here are ways Nigerians ask, “are you okay?”

Trust us when we say it is not the way you think it is used.

1. It’s either something is doing you or you’re doing something

Basically, this means that some people in your village are probably following you or you’re the one doing the following because someone must be involved in some following activity for you to be restless around them.

2. It’s either you’re mad or mad is madding you

Another variant of the one listed above, but this one is more intense. It is direct. There is no sugarcoating it.

3. Shey you are alright sha?

The person just wants to know if everything is okay upstairs. It’s best you stop whatever you’re doing that made that person ask, if not.

4. Who born you?

Usually asked by someone older and from the south, mostly the Southeast. If you are asked this, slowly step away. You’re the match stick, and that question is the gas.

5. Wetin dey sup?

This one is used by the younger peeps. It works both ways: can be from a place of hearty concern or don’t fuck with me.

6. Wetin dey happen?

Depends on the tone used, be very careful. It basically means, what is going on? And that question can be asked in various scenarios. Just try to read the room.

7. Wetin dey occur?

Well, this one has just recently been added to the Nigerian vocabulary and was initially intended as a question to the Most High but is not used on mortals that seem to not be getting their act straight.

In Nigeria, as we assume is obtained in many places, listen to the tone used to phrase a question before you take any further step.

So, wetin dey occur? No dey selfish. If you enjoyed this post, kindly share it with friends and enemies.

Note: News stories and articles on this platform only serve to provide humor and should not be taken as seriously as the serious news publications out there. It is fake news.

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