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Gen Z Vs Millennials: Highlights From The Inter-Generational War

Gen Z Vs Millennials Highlights From The Inter-Generational War

Nigeria – Yesterday, sometimes-shit-stirrer Zikoko decided to stir the Gen Z vs Millennials shit, and this was the result.

While the battle happened between two generations that were fighting for who was saner, we were busy enjoying the gbas gbos that was without any casualty but plenty collateral damages – *eyes Ezra Olubi*.

There were many key takeaways:

  •  Gen Z-ers are definitely into the horoscope.
  •  Millennials really do have a legion of Gen Z-ers waiting to sting in the ass, not like they haven’t already begun.
  • The border between Millennials and Gen Z-ers rapidly expanded and contracted yesterday.
  • Nigerians can actually banter without adding APC and some mind-numbing Nigerian prevalent crises.

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Well, without talking too much, here are highlights from the inter-generational (Gen Z vs Millennials) outreach.

Gen Z vs Millennials Twitter

In other news, the Nigerian government has decided to give bandits N800 million palliatives because “Nigerians need to chill from receiving handouts from the government, as bandits need ammunition subsidy.”


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