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First-Class Is For Lecturers Not Students – Nigerian Lecturer

First-Class Is For Lecturers Not Students - Nigerian Lecturer

Nigeria – Nigerian lecturers say that the first-class that students seek in universities are not theirs and that they should be grateful that some of them even get to graduate with passes.

Speaking with Corporate Tumble, a retired lecturer, who would like to stay anonymous and die peacefully, said that Nigerian students complain too much about lecturers failing them when they have not worked hard enough to earn the marks.

He also added that learning in Nigeria was not designed to be fun in any way and that if students need a fun learning environment, they should leave the country for “suffer heads”.

The unnamed retired lecturer said that there is no joy that comes from learning in a Nigerian institution and that the ancestors would roll in their graves if lecturers were nice to students.

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“We’re keeping up the tradition of ‘suffer students until graduation day’ that was passed down to us from our ancestors,” the lecturer shared.

“If they do not suffer, how would they appreciate our (lecturers) labor?

“Do they think that they are abroad where life is just easy? Learning is supposed to be painful.”

He advised students to prepare mentally for abuse and unnecessary pressure from lecturers, as it was their time to suffer students as their own lecturers did to them.


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