Note: These points are lifted from a resource prepared by a conscientiously unemployed and frustrated human. Heed them at your own peril.

Unemployment in the country is a problem that affects many Nigerians even those that are already employed because of unemployed relatives’ wahala.

In order to contain this problem of idleness, many Nigerians, as many other humans around the world do, have sought paying jobs (doesn’t really have to well paying if we’re being honest) to mitigate the biting hunger.

Thanks to technology, CVs are sent via email and no more in a *filebag* secured under sweaty armpits.

In your effort to secure the wallet or bag, depending on the job you will be applying for, here are a few tips on what not to do at a job interview. take these seriously.

1. Do not tell the truth

You certainly do not want to do this because then you will appear unserious and unprofessional, leading to your being ushered out of the room with such immediacy

2. Do Not Hide How Much You Want As Salary

You might think this one is obvious but tell them how much you need. You know your worth, N500k is not too small for an entry level position, it’s all in the content (you) and not the context (skill level). Say it with your chest.

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3. Do Not Talk Less

This is something you should not do, don’t let them out talk you, you also have words in your mouth, use them. If you know the industry parlance, confuse them with it.

4. Do Not Be Afraid Of Interrupting Often

This way they know the level of your preparation prior to the interview, you just might be told to start that very day, on the other side of the company’s gate.

5. Do Not Lie About Your Former Boss’ Flaws

Tell them about it. If they were a bitch, explain it in detail and warn your prospective employers to be careful not to repeat the actions of your former employer if not, they’d lose you. You’re a star employee-to-be.

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6. Do Not Hide Your Family Problems

You know where you’re coming from. If you have financial problems within the family, share it, you don’t know who your helper is. Angel investors could be sitting in front of you. It could also make them want to bump your pay.

Armed with this gem, you can confidently set out to get that job that you deserve.

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