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Here’s Who’s To Blame For Buhari’s Slow Responses

This news does not mean to threaten the national security of this could-be great nation Nigeria. As stories emerge, especially nationally unsettling stories, Nigerians expect that he who rules the nation from that centre marked with the famous dome painted green, also known as Aso Rock, would assure the people that he has heard and...

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Woman Disowns Police Brother Who Looks Like A SARS Officer

A woman who works in the Nigerian military has disowned her favorite brother who works for the Nigeria Police Force for switching lanes and working for SARS. How can my brother, my own brother, be working for those thieves in Force uniform? Me that works for the military, don’t I have sense? She went on …...

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Nigerian Leaders Unsure As To What Makes A Nation Great

Several, probably reliable, sources close to the Federal Government has said that the current leaders at the nation’s capital remain perplexed as to what the solution to the woes of the will-be 60-year-old nation will be. Speaking with us, a few Impassioned Nigerians – whose identities they’d like to keep secure for the...

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Right Hand Vs Left Hand

We hate to break it to you, but the learned concept of “the use of your left hand – to eat or shake hands – is bad” is actually a shitty idea (literally), and we’ll explain why and the premise of this dated actually a shitty idea (literally), and we’ll explain why and the …...

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Donald Trump Could Be Lying About COVID-19 News

You cannot blame them now, can you?...

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