The year 2020 has come and it has gone and so should some apps.

Some people would gladly say good riddance to the year; while some will look back wistfully at the hearts they’ve broken and other crimes committed.

Whatever you did the past year is gone. No one cares. What we care about right now is that as we transition into another year, we hope to drop some apps like a bad habit.

So many apps have caused you to either lose focus or drained you emotionally, mentally, and physically. And Corporate Tumble has taken it upon itself to highlight some apps that are guilty of doing this.


Facebook meme

Do you really want to keep up with friends from high school or uni? If you don’t have their contacts for a WhatsApp chat, then you don’t need them.

Facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger Meme

This is 2021 mood henceforth

Does it still exist? What’s its use?


Instagram Meme

Except for business. Stop being so narcissistic.


Snapchat meme

If it still exists in the coming year, by all means, continue with the dog filters and worsen diminish whatever self-esteem you have left.


PornHub meme

This one will be hard, but remember their child porn content?

Candy crush

Candy Crush meme

Do you know how many people whose anxieties have worsened because of this game? Don’t be one of them, stop now before it’s too late. It has been revealed to be one of the top relationship destroyers. Think twice.

All dating apps

Dating apps meme

Go traditional, everyone is catfishing. People even catfish with personalities not just faces.


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