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8 Acceptable Things To Do When You Get A Free Ride

7 Acceptable Things To Do When You Get A Free Ride

Lagos – You know when someone offers you a free ride, there are some things those of us with good home training do that reflect our deep gratitude: we stay humble while in the vehicle.

It could be your neighbor’s car or even a danfo – sometimes danfo drivers and conductors can be nice.

Without too much talking, let us get into it.

Here are 8 acceptable things to do when you get a free ride.

Greet Everyone

Once you enter the car or danfo, greet everyone inside, or else you would give the driver cause to wonder why you are ungrateful. Ensure everyone in the vehicle knows that you are respectful and grateful.

Don’t take up too much space

At this point, you don’t need comfort, all that should be in your mind is gratitude. Even if you are given a slice of space in the vehicle and you’re asked to “dress”, you better dress for them.

Always Smile

You cannot be given a free ride and still be frowning. You should always smile. And when they are having a conversation in the back seat, whatever the conversation is, just smile.

Display your usefulness

The best way to do this is to be the first to get out of the vehicle when it breaks down. Make sure you volunteer your strength to push. Believe it when we say more free ride opportunities will open up for you.

Be the conductor

If it is a danfo that has no conductor, take up that position. This is another way to show that you are useful. Collect money from passengers and give them change. Gratitude.

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Don’t talk too much

Just because someone pitied you and gave you a ride doesn’t mean you have to be making noise upandan inside the motor with others that have paid. You should just nod and smile. It’s not self-abasement (use the dictionary), it’s just humility and gratitude.

Say ‘if you don’t mind’

When you are nearing your bus stop, don’t say “Owa oh” or “I will be stopping here”, no, that is too loud and could be perceived as disrespectful. What you need to say is “if you don’t mind, I’ll like to stop here”. This shows that you deserve another free ride in the future.

Don’t sit in the back

Ride that you did not pay for. When you are offered the back sit, humbly reject it because why will you sit in the back when there’s space in front? Is the person your driver?


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