A 70-year-old renewed virgin has accused her husband of making her vagina fall into disuse.

According to the story, as gathered by Corporate Tumble, this woman identified as Sisi, said that she entered into her marriage a virgin because she believes in saving oneself prior to marriage (even though she has had a few trysts while in secondary school, actions that were purified after she became born again), but it appears that her husband is bent on making her save herself post-wedding.

“It’s been 40 years and the most this man has done to me is flick my nipple. I can’t even get aroused thinking about that act anymore. My down there is broken.”

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She said that she had sought help from the Most High but the response from that source has not been encouraging, as her husband has refused to service her.

“He won’t even let me use the manmade tool (dildo); not like I don’t miss the real thing (makes the sign of the cross)”.

Efforts to reach Sisi’s husband to get his own side of the story by Corporate Tumble‘s correspondents on why he has ignored her vagina proved abortive, although rumors in the streets point to the fact that he was saving it for another lifetime.

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Sisi explained, in hush tones, that she had waited too long to feel some dick and would take matters into her hands as she would like to exit this earth with a bang (preferably one that would last long enough to take her breath away, heaven be damned).

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