We live in a culture where having one’s virginity intact is a prize, and this is for women only.

Less nor lie, men don’t even think about using virginity to describe themselves, only men in seminary schools do.

So, to help all of you whose souls have been lost to the pull of the flesh, we have curated 7 ways to help restore your lost virginity.

This is applicable to all sexes and is harm-free, all you need is faith.

Let’s dive in.

1. Carry Calabash At Midnight

7 Ways To Restore Your Virginity

This is the time when the gods of virginity are usually awake because sinful activities take place at the time of the night.

Many bodies are committing. Committing things that only mommy and daddy should be doing.

So, carry the calabash, and inside, you have the most recent underwear in it, sit at the bus stop and just wait until a god appears, then you proceed with your request.

2. Practice Consistent Abstinence.

Seriously, all you need to do is to abstain for so long your virginity is restored, there is no trick to it. The only thing required is to look away from temptation because if you give in, you’ll restart the process, and e long die.

3. Chant Aphrodisiac.


According to the dictionary, an aphrodisiac is an agent like food or a drug that makes the thing between your legs get excited. In this case, say aphrodisiac 5 times in a loud whisper and something will happen, we don’t know what because we have not had to try this step before.

4. Read a Religious Book

7 Ways To Restore Your Virginity

The purity will just settle in without you trying too hard. What is better than dedicating your mind to the word of God and away from knacking? E no easy.

5. Turn Back the Hands of Time

7 Ways To Restore Your Virginity

This is an unlikely solution because scientists are yet to provide the tool to help us do so, but if you can go ahead, we believe in you. And we know that juju inside this country no be here, so e fit happen.

6. Find the Tool of Purity

7 Ways To Restore Your Virginity

In other words, the joystick or honey well of a religious person, dip in (or get dipped in) and out, and see yourself renewed. It’s not a sin if it’s ordained.

7. Pray For a Miracle

7 Ways To Restore Your Virginity

As per lots of people are in the same shoes as you, you might need to join the Virginity Restoration prayer group, like they say, there is power in numbers.

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