Many of us do not know that we are poor, we live in denial of our financial reality and that is why we behave in extreme ways when it comes to spending.

And some know that they are poor and choose to act accordingly.

If you fall into the first group, this article is for you. For our #Tuesdaytips, here are 7 signs that show that your pocket isn’t deep enough for the lifestyle you are living.

The Abroad Relocation Dream is Active

In fact, it is almost a do-or-die affair. Your physical bodies are here, but your spirit is waiting for you at the airport in the country of your dreams. See, rich people don’t have this big dream of poor people to escape our hellhole, they know they have the legs and deep pockets.

For those of us whose pockets are shallow, we are already citizens at some land that doesn’t have us in their visitors’ register.

You Have More Problems Than Money

You know those people that say ‘Money isn’t everything?’ they are either poor and cannot afford what they want so they console themselves, or they are rich and have tasted it all; cue in Bill Gates.

There are so many problems in your life that the money in your pocket cannot handle, this is one sure way to know that you are poor, my brethren.

Money Leaving Your Account Raises Your Blood Pressure

Once you hear gbagam, debit alert, you are scared to check how much has left in your account because you have budgeted every single kobo in that bank account.

Even the N10 that leaves your account for maintenance and all by your oversabi bank, you will be asking them who send them message.

Have you ever seen someone that was tired of email and SMS maintenance deduction that they had to go to their bank to negotiate? Poor person there, dear.

May our mental health not be put at risk because of money oh.

Budget Salary Before It Arrives

They say people with money enter shops and don’t even think about what they spend. Poor people know where they will go for a whole month before they even get the money they will spend.

It is hard. Poor people will even be negotiating their happiness. Well, if this is you, you know you are poor.

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You Recruit One Rich Person Into Your Group

They say you are the five people you are surrounded by. Therefore, one of the people you are surrounded by must be high up the financial ladder because you cannot because of roots say you want to only be hanging with people in your financial situation.

To climb high, get people that are higher and with long ropes to pull you up the ladder. This is true, don’t deny it abeg. Sometimes it’s conscious, sometimes it isn’t it just is.

Constantly Daydreaming About The Good Life

Doesn’t matter where you are, you will find yourself imagining things like, ‘If for say I get money now, shey no be club I for dey this Friday evening? I go just dey spray money like mad’. All those thoughts in your seam-stressed t-shirt and breathable shorts, with inconspicuous holes in corners.

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You Just Know

They don’t need to tell you, if you just look at yourself and your environment, you will just testify to your reality by yourself, for yourself, and between yourself.

No one needs to tell you. Your diet alone is enough to remind you.

Dreaming of Rich Parents Somewhere

In front of your parents, you’ll just be wondering where those rich parents that have refused to adopt you are. Why haven’t they come to pick you? You are getting older and life is getting harder, that saved trust fund because you’re so sure they love you that much, must be put to good use.


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