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7 Most Popular Names Of 2020 In Nigeria

Most Popular Names In Nigeria 2020

Nigeria – The year 2020 was filled with events that could lead to the breakdown of History students. In that year, some names became quite popular, and we will be sharing them with you.

According to a comprehensive study conducted by Corporate Tumble, seven names reigned on the lips of people in Nigeria last year.

These names have resonated with the times and people that dared to procreate in the heat of the pandemic have adopted the names for their offspring to match the era.

Below are the seven most popular names of 2020:


Sex: Male

You couldn’t have missed this. This name is an annual list topper. Inspired by the ruler of a supposedly-great African nation. The name has been given not only to children but even to dogs, did not end well for the dog owner.


Sex: Gender neutral

You may not have heard of it, but Quarantine was a banger – in the naming space. With the pandemic migrating from country to country throughout 2020, hosts have decided to commemorate the year of global lockdown by giving their spawn the name Quarantine.


Sex: Male

Very popular name. Rang loud across the country, and made popular by a personality in the presidential domain. Very outspoken.


Sex: Adult male

This is mostly for children that are sure to skip their teenage years and jump into hustling mode. Made popular by a member of an elite political group in the country.

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Sex: Male

Very short, looks cute. But there is a temptation that comes with giving your child that name. It rhymes with the English word “lie” and could manifest in the child if you do not guard your offspring against that tendency.


Sex: Male

Two strong personalities banded together to ensure that this name trended in the past year, causing it to fall among the most popular names of 2020. Giving your child this name means that he will have a strong personality in every space, almost oppressing and unnecessary.


Sex: Male

As a parent, naming your child this name means that you should be ready to invest in your child’s acting career because this name imbues in that child some acting chops. Do not sleep on it.


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