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7 Football Player Names That Will Make You Sympathize

7 Footballer Player Names That Will Make You Sympathize

Global – Football or soccer, according to the dissenters, is undoubtedly a global sport, eyes American football; but have you heard the names of some football players that just make you wonder ‘why?’ You should check out this list of funny footballers’ names.

One can only assume that the bearers of these names did not grow up being bullied because their parents decided to not put any effort into naming their child.

How is it okay to bear “Fucks”? Isn’t it already obvious that that activity is the source of the spawn?

That particular player has really been given some “Fucks” to carry as a heritage.

Well, without much further ado, here are 7 footballers’ names that make you look twice.

1. Danger Fourpence

Definitely sounds like the name of a rock/soft rock band. Interestingly, he comes from Zimbabwe. He plays for Kiglon Bird FC.

2. Danny Drinkwater

This is a reminder to this young man from his parents to always remember to drink some water.

Football can be very interesting, and you could forget to Drinkwater from all the rushing adrenaline.

He plays as a midfielder for Turkish side, Kasimpasa.

3. Argelico Fucks

This…this is just unfair putting those who are brave enough to keep that name as their last name in harm’s way.

There is a generation of Fucks. Wow. Well, he is now retired, and probably giving a lot of his last name.

4. Daley Blind

Hopefully it is not pronounced the regular way. And if it is, there’s a chance that it meant something different when it was chosen as a name.

He is a Dutch defender that plays for Ajax FC.

5. Mark Anthony Fish

And his parents needed to add that last name.

6. Dinca Rat

He’s Romanian. There’s a culture, there definitely needs to be a deeper meaning other than the English meaning.

He is South African and retired.

7. John Dick

And the hardest of them all. So many interpretations of the name. So many ways the name could be used as a bullying tool.

Dick definitely swung some 250 goals into opponents’ nets for Arsenal.

With all the above-mentioned names and their ability to make you think deep and hard, they do not come anywhere close to the names of children from religious homes in Nigeria.

When you hear names like Jesus is Lord, you will be grateful for your kind parents.


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