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67-Year-Old Fined For Arousing Man Of God With Her Back

67-Year-Old Fined For Arousing Man Of God With Her Back

Nigeria – On the fateful Tuesday afternoon, a man of God experienced mortal arousal from a source that was in a state of divine impurity.

In a bid to cleanse himself of the subconscious pleasure, he took the case to a court that fined the 67-year-old erection-whisperer an undisclosed fine.

According to the clerk of the court, who was also tight-lipped on the amount, the case was closed off to the media and no representative of Corporate Tumble was unable to sit in for the trial.

After the proceedings, Corporate Tumble’s correspondent asked the woman how she was able to achieve the immoral feat, to which she explained that her large back had started the whole thing.

“I’ve always had a large behind. It is not my fault that our danfo buses do not cover one’s back fully.

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He sat behind me and my spilling backside met the knees of the preacher who complained of spiritual discomfort. And then we got here,” she said.

The man of God could not be reached, after proceedings. It was gathered that he was attending to the menace of his standing member.

“This is how God’s children are distracted,” a church member who accompanied the man of God exclaimed.

“He was just on his own preaching when the woman, at that age, I must add, used her back to start trouble. I don’t know what this world is turning into.”


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