December has gone and January has come to remind you of that PS5 that you bought but did not need. And now you’re thinking of how to make money this January.

You wanted to do ‘gift under the Christmas tree’ for yourself and went to go and spend money that you did not have.

Question is, did you even get a Christmas tree to even make that self-gifting a complete experience?

Well, you have spent that money you said you would add to the one you’ve been saving to leave Nigeria. I guess that PS5 will need to distract you for as long as possible.

Because we failed to provide you with the usual #tuesdaytips yesterday, we will be furnishing you with it today. Hopefully, you learn one or two things as usual.

Here are the 7 Ways to make money this January

Start an OnlyFans Account

6 Ways To Make Money This January

Very easy. If you’re not familiar with the OnlyFans platform – it is a flexible side hustle that engages all parts of your body, although not necessarily all the time. This is one sure way to make your money fast. The best part, it is in dollars.

Beg rich family members

^ Ways To Make Money This January

If you come from a family that has rich uncles or aunties or even both, go to them and remind them of those years they used to like you. Be useful. Wash their cars. Babysit. Run errands. Do their laundry. Nothing is above you this month.

Find sugar daddies/mummies

^ Ways To Make Money This January

Do you have what it takes to be a sugar baby? If yes, get yourself a sugar parent or parents, the double the better.

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Corporate bambiala

6 Ways To Make Money This January

forget your ego, what you need is the ego. We have corporate beggars in Lagos now. You’re not better than them. Kack up, wear nice clothes and tell people your problems. Or if you won’t tell them your problems, tell them you don’t have transport fare back home. Do this in 6 local governments, and you will blow. You might even consider it a career.

Sell off some properties

^ Ways To Make Money This January

Look around you, what property do you not need again? Like that PS5 that has bankrupted you, sell it off. You need to survive. OLX and Jiji will accept your products, take advantage of them.

Sell a body part

^ Ways To Make Money This January

This one is usually popular in December, but it’s usually not the owner of the body part that gets to sell it. It is your body, sell something, a kidney perhaps.

Note: Corporate Tumble will not be held responsible for any action taken after reading point 7. Do it at your discretion. But if it works out, and it makes you happy, reach out to us for a healthy contribution to the work we are doing. We accept checks and cash and any form of transfer.


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