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6 Valentine Gifts For Nigerian Men

6 Valentine Gifts For Nigerian Men

Nigeria – Many think that pleasing Nigerian men is hard, but it isn’t. All You need is to stroke their egos and dicks, and you are miles away from the hurdle. Now, Buying valentine gifts for Nigerian men can be a little tricky, but we will help out.

There are so many things you can get a Nigerian man for valentine’s, but you need to be careful. You need to make sure that suits his personality.

Pro Tip: Sometimes those personalities cut across ethnicities and tribes. A Nigerian man has the Nigerian man’s gene. Complex yet meh.

If you have been racking your brain on what valentine gifts for Nigerian men look like, here are a few helpful suggestions.

6 Valentine Gifts For Nigerian Men

1. Ruler

6 Valentine Gifts For Nigerian Men

You may be wondering what they would need it for. Well, men, especially the Nigerian ones like to discuss dick size; wouldn’t it be helpful if he had a pocket ruler he could easily reach, so he could measure his dick for evidence to his homies? He will thank you. Ensure that the ruler is of quality.

2. A Job

6 Valentine Gifts For Nigerian Men

This economy is not easy. They have banned naira deposits for cryptocurrency traders, our oga Emefiele’s handiwork. How many times have you seen hard currency in your guy’s hand? He’s more constant on his cryptocurrency trading platform than the CEO of the platform. If you know somebody that knows somebody, please, reach out. Next year, you people can celebrate the kind of Valentine’s Day you want with his salary.

3. Sex Toy

6 Valentine Gifts For Nigerian Men

If you are not around to stroke his dick, the sex toy will. It is even better if it’s a designer one. If you want to even help him further, buy him a dildo, it is about time they start finding that prostrate that they say men have.

4. Book For Baby Names

6 Valentine Gifts For Nigerian Men

February 14 knacking will reveal itself sometime later this year. It is best both of you start to choose a name down so that family will not come and name the child Valentinechukwu. God no go shame us.

5. Box of Condoms

6 Valentine Gifts For Nigerian Men

Believe us when we say that he will be thrilled. Knowing that that day would be for knacks only will send him to cloud nine even before you put him in the vehicle that will send him there.

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6. Man Power

6 Valentine Gifts For Nigerian Men

This comes with the gift of condoms, you can buy both of them hand-in-hand. Man power will make his third leg do some leg work for hours and only wear out when the drug…you know…There are other options, Man Power is just the only one that comes to mind right now.

We hope that with this article we have been able to solve that valentines gift dilemma. It is okay if you are not sure, you can always reach out to us. Talk to us in the comments section. We are here to guide you through.


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