There are so many articles on how to increase that waistline, but we can assure you that this is one foolproof way to gain that weight that you desire if that is a prized goal for you.

Practical and to-the-point tips.

Gaining weight is a hassle, we can relate. And as part of our #tuesdaytips, we will be furnishing you with ways to achieve that goal.

It doesn’t help that people always suggest diets and whatnot unsolicited, we are here to give you easy-to-follow ways.

Below are quick ways to gain weight without much trouble.

1. Eat, a lot

man eating a big burger

eat until you daku

Do this non-stop. Although you risk the chance of getting a heart attack or some other health-related issues, especially if the meals you’re consuming are fatty, but what is life without risks, right?

2. Do Not Exercise

man with a big stomach sleeping on couch

Follow the example in the photo

This is a complete no-no, especially when you see your arms getting flabby, that is the sign of progress. You continue to ingest without working them all out and you’ll be on your way to weight land.

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3. Fast Food

Mr. Biggs Restaurant

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper

You’ve been told to cut down your trips to fast-food restaurants, but if you want to gain weight, fast food restaurant table should replace your dinner tables, if you have one, and if your pocket isn’t fast-food friendly, devise means that your pocket will allow. The goal must be achieved.

4. Wear Big clothes

Lady Gaga on the red carpet

No one will know your size

They say you are what think and present yourself as. Why not portray what you seek? The bigger the outfit, doesn’t matter the climate, the bigger you possibly become.

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5. Imitation

Weight gain

For this one, you will need to be around someone that gains weight easily, you know those people that always complain about gaining weight immediately after taking a lick of butter. They have the secrets, stay with them, watch them, you’ll discover their tricks. Do not be ashamed, eyes on the prize.

6. Never Get on a Weight Machine

dog on a weight machine

Do not check your weight

This one is simple, all you need here is belief. Belief in the expansion of your waistline. Getting on a weight machine would leave you making comparisons to your previous weight. Do not check your weight until you’re sure you can break the scale.

Watch this space, as we will be following up with how to shrink that waistline.

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