Please, by a show of hands, who among you was surprised that Donald Trump would break an impeachment record?

Almost everyone joined in the chorus that Donald Trump should leave the White House, even Nigerians who wished they could swap him for the one we currently have.

There probably is a party thrown in celebration of Donald Trump’s impeachment somewhere, and a Republican might be one of the organizers, who knows?

We enjoyed the reality TV president for as long as it lasted. Ours continues to be a bore. The most fun we’ve had are arrests and borrowings, just saying.

Corporate Tumble could be sued for treason, who knows?

Well, now that Trump is packing up his toys from the White House, there are a few things that some of you might have missed; some events that link to Trump’s impeachment.

Number 232

The weird thing is, Trump lost to oga Biden with the number 232, while Biden won with 306 like a boss.

What is significant about the number?

Well, the votes in the House of Representatives – not the one headed by Gbajabiamila, the one run by Ms. Nancy Pelosi, one of Trump’s closest friends – that kind of decided that Trump vacated the White House was 232.

That should be his lucky (?) number.


The event that sparked the impeachment process: remember that one where many white Americans that think highly of themselves broke into the political sanctuary of the country?

Yeah, that one. It happened on a Wednesday, and votes to impeach Trump was conducted on a Wednesday. That’s not only it, Biden will be taking up office on Wednesday, January 20, 2021.

Cool or nah?

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Pelosi’s Outfit

Maybe it was intentional, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe she has two pairs of the same outfit, who knows? Maybe she wanted to pepper him and wear the same outfit and stick it to the guy, who knows? But one thing is for sure, MS Pelosi wore the same outfit on both impeachment occasions. A Twitter user pointed this out. Who knows what was going on in the mind of Ms. Pelosi?

These points are significant yet unnecessary, but that is the whole point of us here.

You’re welcome.



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